Fairytale Ninjas – The Glass Slipper Academy : Book 1

Paula Harrison


The books have now been delivered to the schools. If you are a parent from one of the schools involved, and still want the book, please call the shop on 01442 827653 to order. Books can be collected from the shop or posted.

Jump into a thrilling new series about fairy-tale heroines, ninja moves and epic adventures in this debut book perfect for children aged 5+ CAN THEY SCARE OFF ALL THE BADDIES? Nothing very exciting EVER happens in the town of Hobbleton. Then Red, Snow and Goldie are trained up as fairytale ninjas, and find that anything is possible… When Madame Hart is accused of taking Prince Inigo, the fairytale ninjas are sure that she isn’t behind the kidnapping.

Can they use their new-found skills to catch the real villain? Or will their ballet teacher stay banished forever?

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