The Hunt and the Kill : A Casey Benedict Investigation

Holly Watt



‘In the gutsy Casey, [the author] has created an unstoppable yet entirely credible modern heroine… Much of John le Carre’s work was steered by his moral compass. Why should his heir be a man?’ The Times

When acclaimed undercover journalist Casey Benedict is asked to interview a young woman with cystic fibrosis, the patient’s doctor alerts her to the looming threat of antibiotic-resistant infections, tipping her off about a potential new wonder drug. If the rumours are true, this new antibiotic could save millions of lives, but no one wants to admit that the drug even exists. As Casey investigates, she follows the trail from the Maldives to a game reserve in Zimbabwe, using her undercover skills to probe the truth and find out why the discovery of this new drug is being covered-up.

When tragedy unexpectedly strikes, Casey suspects that someone is trying to silence her, but she is not prepared to let the story drop, no matter how much danger she – or those she loves most – are put in. A searing, page-turning, pulse-racing thriller that sees Casey on a hunt around the globe as she pursues a major expose into pioneering medical research and drugs that could change the world. The Hunt and the Kill is the third book by Holly Watt featuring Casey Benedict.