Dino Dad

Andy Day, Steve Lenton


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A fantastic new magical dino-tastic adventure series from CBeebies superstar Andy Day, paired with illustration powerhouse Steven Lenton!

What if YOUR dad could change into a dinosaur?

Hi, I’m Ruby! And I’ve got a big secret . . . everyone thinks my dad is an amazing dinosaur expert at our local museum. And he totally is! But he’s also . . . a POOPA! And so am I!

What’s a POOPA? Well, it means he’s a Protector Of Our Prehistoric Allies. When me and Dad touch his special, magic ammonite shell, we travel to an incredible island, full of dinosaurs who live just like us humans do. And when we go there, we turn into dinosaurs too!

We have so many amazing adventures . . . and I can’t wait for you to join us!

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